Thursday, August 17, 2006

Horse Drawn Surry and Carnation Milk Truck in Parade 1955

At the end of the parade was a Horse Drawn Surrey and the Carnation Milk Truck. The Carnation Milk Truck is one of my favorite Gurrmobiles (designed by Bob Gurr and constructed by Carnation at their truck maintenance yard for Disneyland.) Although it did not get to motor out very often, it is seen in many images with little kids sitting in the C Cab. I have also been told that this was Walt's favorite vehicle to drive and have a picture of him driving it with a Carnation Milk Man sitting next to him.

Just behind the Milk truck is the crowd of people following the parade down Main Street with security keeping them a safe distance from the truck. And this shot is a little closer and you can see a lady shading herself with the first guidebook in the mid lower left hand corner. I think tomorrow may be the last slide of the opening day parade (unless I find more.)

For more information on the Carnation truck, read this post from Bob Gurr on


Major Pepperidge said...

I'm going to watch my DVD of the opening-day cermonies, it will be fun to compare the old black and white kinescope with these wonderful color photos. Again, many thanks for sharing!

Matterhorn1959 said...

Major- my plan before starting posting was to watch the DVD and actually do the parade in order, but never got time to just sit and watch the DVD. If you do watch it, let me know the order of the parade and then I can add that to the description.

bridge said...

The comment about Walt driving the truck with one of the Carnation milk men, that was the grandson of the founder of Carnation milk who was the executive VP of the company at the time. Walt kept getting the tires stuck in the trolly rails on Main Street.