Saturday, May 20, 2006

Walt and Van Camp Executives at Chicken of the Sea Restaurant 1960

Two images of Walt Disney and executives from the Van Camp tuna company in the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship restaurant. How many of you remember the Chicken of the Sea tuna salad served in the little boats? I wonder if the boats had any marking or were just generic boats? Any one have one in their collection? For more images of the Chicken of the Sea ship, take a look at Dan Goodsell's blog for May 19, 2006 on A Sampler of Things.

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deadpan said...

Thanks, Matterhorn1959, for this great memory. Though Walt was gone by the time I began my Disneyland career, my first job was as a character and Capt. Hook's Pirate Ship (sponsored by Chicken of the Sea) was where the "Pan unit" did most of their "sets." They were great days. I remember those tuna boats; sad I don't have any.