Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Walt Disney in His Enchanted Tiki Room

Uncle Walt holding a small girl so she can have a closer look at the singing flowers. The photo is dates stamped 3 days prior to the official opening of the attraction. Walt does look happy and proud with his Tiki Room.


Major Pepperidge said...

Very neat, just when I feel like I've seen every photo of walt, this one comes along. Wish we knew the story behind what was going on.

Unknown said...

The little girl in this photo is actually my neighbor. Her aunt was working for Disney at the time and she got to meet Walt. This photo is in her home!

Unknown said...

The little girl is my aunt. ; ) My Dad is the boy to the right of the hem of her dress. My great grandmother’s face is barely visible behind the shadow of the dress. And yes, the photo hangs in her entry way with a reproduction of the original poster. My Dad will be happy to know that this photo exists elsewhere!