Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Barker Bird- Tiki Room

In order to promote Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room, the imagineers placed an audio-animatronic barker bird to rally guests to come in and enjoy the show. This bird was immortalized in a sculpture done by Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily.


K. Martinez said...

Nice close up image of the barker bird. I like the Tiki Room sign and Omnibus in the mid-ground and background.

Dan said...

Wonderful pic: "Juan" the Barker Bird was such a crowning touch on an already perfect attraction! I believe he existed in 3 different versions: 1) red feathers, 2) red feathers with straw hat and cane, then 3) blue/yellow feathers with hat and cane.

Version 3 is the color scheme Kevin and Jody used for their 2005 sculpture, which I was fortunate to get the day of release... each day, Juan sits upon his perch in my living room to greet me each morning.

The reason cited for the Barker Bird's removal was that he did his job *too* well, and clogged up foot traffic at the Adventureland entryway. This would be a fun aspect to restore during the next refurb, along with Rolly Crump's Uti sculpture over the original ticket booth. It's always nice to be at Disneyland and hear the voice of Wally Boag livening things up.

- Dan

Anonymous said...

Has our blogger, much like Barker Bird, dissappeared?