Monday, January 30, 2012

Flying Saucers

More pictures from the visit by the fraternity to Disneyland. This time the group decided to ride the Flying Saucers. First up is the load area with all the guests ready to go. I like the giant speaker pylon. Check out the blonde in her sailor outfit. Unfortunately the picture is a little too blurry and the employees are too far away, but it appears there is some sort of patch on the employee's hats.

And away they go, the start of the ride with the saucers going onto the ride surface.


Major Pepperidge said...

Love those Saucer pictures! Check out the bouffant on the woman in the lower left. And surprise surprise, that's her again zipping across the blue surface in the second picture!

Anonymous said...

Wonder what the building in the background was. They were always so good about sight lines.

Anonymous said...

That building would have been the locker room in my day.