Friday, December 03, 2010

Souvenir Friday- 5 Favorite Fantasyland Postcards

For today's souvenir, I have chosen 5 of my favorite Fantasyland postcards. First up is the Alice In Wonderland Upside Down room.

Another favorite is an exterior view of the Alice ride the year the attraction opened.

A fun night time view of Skull Rock with the Chicken of the Sea ship with the great Mermaid figure head.

A great image of the shops in the Castle courtyard.

Final favorite postcard is the interior of the Peter Pan attraction. I love the contented look of the rider.


JG said...

Wow, these are great. I love the Skull Rock pic.

The lady in the flying ship looks like she does that every day.



Major Pepperidge said...

Yes, those are definitely some of my favorites as well! Someone I know used to always refer to the woman on the Peter Pan ride as the "sad lady".

Alicia said...

Hi! I am a collector of Disney item... good to know there are other new designs of postcard to collect. Every time I go to Disney I never missed to buy any collectible items for my collection. I can't wait to have of those postcards.

Matterhorn1959 said...

Alicia- Unfortunately you will not find these postcards at Disneyland as these postcards are from the late 1950's. Some of these are rare and somwehat expensive.