Saturday, December 04, 2010

The New Elephant Pool and a Lone Hippo

In 1964 the Jungle River Cruise was upgraded with more vignettes to add humor to the attraction. One of the big changes was the Elephant Pool with lots of the elephants bathing and squirting each other. First up is a shot of the three little squirts.

Next up is the whole herd of elephants enjoying the water.

Final elephant bathing pool image is of the big squirt enjoying a solo shower.

And just because a nice picture of a lone Hippo.


Major Pepperidge said...

How do those hippos remain working when they are submerged most of the time?

DD said...

Jungle cruise is my least favorite ride, but I am with Major... how on earth do they keep those things working?
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Snow White Archive said...

Don't quite know what it is, but I really like that shot of the hippo.

Alicia said...

I like the elephant enjoying a fall shower... that looks so happy and so fun. Hippo and elephant are always great to see them in the water playing or catching food. I think it is a perfect addition to the place. Great improvement indeed.