Thursday, July 29, 2010

Two Boats

Two images of boats at Disneyland the glass slide photographer. First up is everyone's favorite Pirate Ship. Check out the poor guide book and the family eating ice cream and the little girl playing near the bench with wet paint and this run on sentence.

The other photograph is of the Mark Twain at the dock. It appears the ship is being touched up.


Katella Gate said...

When the Pirate Ship was torn down, I wonder if Mr. Smee transferred to serve Capt. Ned and Hodo on the "Raging Queen"?

Nice shot of the Mark Twain. Even though it's just one of "Walt's Toys", I'm really impressed at the amount of shipbuilding detail that went into her that wasn't necessary for a ride vehicle.

Notice that the upper decks are narrower than the lower decks, causing the sides to lean in. That's called "tumblehome", the sag in the middle of the length is called "sheer". The decks drop at the sides (camber).

I'm sure if this vehicle were built to day, most if not all of these extremely expensive construction details would have been omitted.

Kevin Kidney said...

Wow, these have stunning color, Patrick!