Sunday, July 04, 2010

Polaroids Including Backstage

More polaroids from the decorating department. First up is a souvenir shop in Fantasyland. A full rack of postcards and also souvenir slides can be seen.

Quick jump backstage to the First Aid location in Fantasyland.

A view of what appears to be a storage locker...maybe for more merchandise.

Three views of a shaded eating area in Fantasyland.


Anonymous said...

Telephone booths! I wonder why they disappeared? I mean it would still be handy to have one here and there (for those of us who don't think cell phones are a necessity).

Major Pepperidge said...

These are cool, I like how the polaroids have started to kind of decay - they almost feel like they were taken 100 years ago!

Pegleg Pete said...

Debbie, as of July 2005 there were still pay telephones near to this very spot – just outside Fantasyland at the beginning of the Big Thunder Trail. They were tucked inside a shelter painted with a US Cavalry recruitment ad. Not sure if they're still there but I took a photo of them when I was visiting for the 50th.

Tom Morrow said...

Great photos! Once again many images are from the rest room building near the Fantasyland Theater. The first photo is the small souvenir stand in front. The second photo is from the back corner of the dining area for the Character Food Stand. This door leads backstage and to the Fantasyland First Aid Station. The third photo is the back of the same wall that surrounded the dining area and hid the view of backstage (this is not a storage locker). The door is the same door from the previous photo. The awnings are on the small rest room building for the First Aid Station. Each of the remaining photos shows the front of this wall in the background. The wall was built from wooden lumber and painted -- nothing fancy. I hope that you have more of these.