Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fantasy on Parade and Santa's Village

A little two-fer action today. The first photograph is a publicity still from 1968. The information on the back reads: Touring California- Disneyland's pretty 1968 Ambassador Sally Sherbin and her friends King Louie the Ape and Baloo the boisterous Bear, are off on a swinging tour of California in connection with Disneyland's annual "Fantasy on Parade" They will appear at ______________________ on December ______ at __________________________.

The other two black and white pictures are from Santa's Village. The first one shoes a shoeless street urchin breaking into a store to obtain some candy.

The second image features a bemused kid and a reinderless sleigh.


outsidetheberm said...

Nice shots. Now there's something you rarely see - a barefoot kid at Santa's Village!

Major Pepperidge said...

Yeah, barefoot, what's up with that? What if he steps on a rusty nail and gets lockjaw?

Santa's Village looks so small and charming, probably not cool enough for the children of today, sad to say.

Anonymous said...

Is it me or does King Louie seem a little too excited holding that blond's arm?

I know, so unDisney-like of me.

Anonymous said...


"When 'correctly' viewed,
Everything is lewd.
I could tell you stories of Peter Pan
Or the Wizard of Oz -There's a dirty old man"