Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Walt Disney Studio Grand Opening April 10, 1940

I have several images of the new Burbank Studio that I plan to show over the next several weeks. The first image is one that I particularly like as it is of a rarely photographed building, the movie theater at the studio. This is the grand opening date of April 10, 1940. On the bill is the RKO Pathe News Reel, MGM's Mad Maestro animated film from 1939, RKO Information Please, The Blue Bird featuring Shirley Temple and released in January of 1940, and Elephant Boy starring Sabu released in 1937. Quite a bill. The poster is nice with Stromboli the showman holding the title.


Anonymous said...

Any idea who took the pictures?

Unknown said...

I dunno. The way that Stromboli looks, I might be scared to go in there!

Hrundi V. Bakshi said...

Cool. My wife works a few 100 feet away from the entrance. This has been a multi-purpose stage for many years, used as a mixing stage, screening stage, meeting area, presentation stage, "and things" (as Walt was often known to say). She'll love this series I'm sure. Thanks Matterhorn!

David said...

Great photo matterhorn - you sure come-up with great, historical items.

In my book I write:

"We how have quite a service flag and all of us here are damned proud of it. We have it hanging in the 2nd floor window facing the theater and it’s visible from the walk as you come in from the commissary. Nora and Esther made it at night after work and we think it’s the best looking in the valley."

I'm wondering if anyone has a photo of that service flag?

The Disney Archives has no record of it, but the above quote came out of the employee newsletter / booklet "Dispatch From Disney's," so I imagine it must have existed.

Anyhow, keep up the great posts - I'm luvin' it!