Friday, May 09, 2008

Souvenir Friday-Tacky Souvenirs

In my collection I have some really kitschy souvenirs such as water globes and snow domes, strange ceramics, and more. But these two pieces are the tackiest souvenirs I own. Both appear to be postcards that are encased in plastic with sparkles and abalone shell. They appear to be home made by some enterprising crafts person, but they do have Disneyland price tags. So for those who love to see odd items, enjoy! I hope you enjoy the flash back to the 1970s!

I want to let everyone know that Bob Cowan has two new blogs of interest. One is animation art and the other is comic strip art. Bob was the source of the great strike photographs I posted a while ago. His blogs are Cowan Collection: Animation and Cowan Collection: Comic Art


Major Pepperidge said...

It looks like those might be postcards used for the Disneyland images?

I had a kit when I was a kid, it has resin and molds and they gave you abalone pieces and beads and glitter... you were supposed to put all of the stuff into a plastic mold, and make unique works of art for your mom to throw away!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Groovy Baby! I have some tacky DL Souvenirs too, but yours take's the cake! Hey Major, I had one of those kits too (still remember that smell), I got it the same Christmas as the do-it yourself Tie-Dye kits!

outsidetheberm said...

That abalone shell look was all the rage. It seemed to infest everything. But you're right, it sure looks tacky today. That's the fun of it!

jedblau said...