Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Walt Disney Studio Ink and Paint Department 1937

One of the other categories of items I collect are items related to the history of the Disney studio. I enjoy the employee publications along with pictures of the studio and production facilities. The next three photographs are from a photo album kept by an employee in the ink and paint department. The first shows the Disney Minneapolis Club. The club was made up of ex-Minneapolis residents who were working at Disney.

The next image is of the Ink and Paint department circa 1938 when the studio was in full production of Pinocchio.

The final image is of Kay Kamen when he was visiting the studio. Identification on the back is as follows from left to right: unidentified, Kay Kamen, unidentified, Dorothy ?, Julius ?, unidentified and Ray Lamb. Any Disney historians want to take a stab at identification?


Major Pepperidge said...

I'm with you, photos of the old Disney studio (and other animation studios) are wonderful!

Look at photo #2. It's almost all dames!! No wonder most of the animators married ink & paint girls.

Kay Kamen, nobody else looked like that guy!

Joe said...

Here are names for a few of the folks in the Minneapolis Club photo. (rear row on left) Bob McCrea (middle row, third from left) Ken Hultgren (and fifth from left) Dick Blundell (front row, fourth from left (I believe is)) Elizabeth "Buf" Nerbovig (and fifth from left) her younger sister, Helen Nerbovig (later Mrs. Bob McIntosh.)

Others who might be pictured are Eric Cleworth and Bud Swift. Where, by the way is Ward Kimball? (born in Minneapolis!)