Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday Visit to 2719 Hyperion Avenue Walt Disney Studio

Well it's Saturday again and time for another visit to the Walt Disney Studios located at 2719 Hyperion Avenue in Hollywood. It looks like we arrived at lunch time. Let's join our friends in the Ink and Paint Department outside on the lawn. The first image shows a group of the ladies enjoying the warm California Sun. In the building behind them, a couple of animators are enjoying the view as well.

The second image shows Betty Ann Gunther (at least that is what is marked on the back) in front of one of the entrances. It looks like a busy day at the studio with lots of coming and going.

The next image is a group shot of the ladies of Ink and Paint. Identified on the back, they are Ann Esplund, Ivy Carole, Van Horne, Margaret ?, Mille Minnette. They are quite stylish with their bobbed and curled hair and gorgeous outfits. No wonder the animators were always trying to visit the Ink and Paint Department.

The next two are images of the buildings at the studio. The first shows the large windows of the building for the Ink and Paint Department.

The last image appears to be one of the sound stages.


Major Pepperidge said...

Fantastic! The old Hyperion studio was certainly a place where lots of amazing stuff happened. I haven't seen many photos (just a few often-published pix), so these really help to give a sense of what it was like to be there.

DisneyDave said...

Another outstanding series of pictures. I can't stand the wait for Saturday to roll around to see what gems you post and you have not disappointed me yet! Just great images! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are fantastic. So California. I love the design of the Burbank studio but these Hyperion shots really have a 1930s feeling to them. Thanks for sharing.

Hans Perk said...

Wonderful images! The one-before-last photo shows new windows in the back addition to the original 1926 animation building. See how the pipe goes around the new window - on older photos it goes straight down between much smaller windows. The view in the last photo is basically taken out of the last window of the previous photo. It shows the new front wall to the sound stage and the way to the new Ink & Paint building before the bungalow was built that still exists but was moved to Burbank. It would have obstructed the view somewhat. Also great how the top two images basically fit together as a panorama picture!
Thanks a million for sharing these! I can't wait until the next glorious batch!

Anonymous said...

The Margaret in the Ink and Paint picture was Margaret Trinidade