Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Stuck in the Seventies

A weekend find was a photo album kept by a family of some of their vacations. In 1972 they visited Southern California and Disneyland and Universal Studios. Today I am posting the Disneyland images. The first is the family shot in front of the Floral Mickey. Gotta love the fashions of my childhood!

The next is another family shot in front of the Castle. Dad is wearing his retro Mickey Mouse shirt.

Of course the girls wanted to ride Dumbo with their Dad.

And then on to It's A Small World. This is still one of my favorite aspects of the ride, the time clock out front and the parade of the Small World dolls.

A quick trip through Monstro.

And finally a ride on Alice In Wonderland. Quite a nice view of the back end of a caterpillar.

Readers have questioned how do these photographs get out. In this case it was an unclaimed storage locker that had been sold to pay for the owed rent. The seller would have thrown away the album if someone like me had not come by and purchased the album. It is real sad to see these images on the market becuase this is someone's childhood. But now the images are not buried in a landfill and lost forever.


Major Pepperidge said...

I was going to eat one of those caterpillar vehicles, but those eyes on the sides startled me and frightened me away.

Anonymous said...

Nice commentary about how you come across these records and the irony of it all. Then again, I have so many photos and slides from my life filed away to enjoy "another day" which I haven't seen for years. I rarely take photos anymore. Thanks for the posts.