Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Storybook Canal Boats

Two nice 1970s era images of the Storybook Canal Boats. The first is a Skyway view of the line with the light house at the front of the line. I assume they changed the line direction to decrease crowding and to be able to move the Teacups to their current location.

The second image is of the Cinderella scene. I do not see the pumpkin coach on the road so it must have been added at some time.

Since I mentioned them, here is a nice skyway image of the original Teacups ride. It does not look like it was that popular of a ride on this day, look at all the empty cups.


Major Pepperidge said...

Monstro must have needed constant repainting...he keeps changing! I've noticed (thanks to Daveland's original observation) that Monstro has been all black, black and white, black and gray, and many variations of those. And of course now he's blue!

outsidetheberm said...

Always liked that black & white Monstro the best. Would bet the dirty waterline on the white paint soon became a problem, though.

Peter VINCENT said...

Thanks for all the great images in 2007 Matterhorn!

Happy New Year!!
Peter Vincent

Anonymous said...

Wow, that first image is beautiful. The sun was low enough to light up everything just right and the photographer got some rich colors. We can even see the shadow of the Skyway bucket that this photo was taken from in the lower left corner.