Saturday, March 17, 2007

SOP Saturday- Orientation Packet 1969

Years ago at a San Diego Swap Meet I found a white folder with the University of Disneyland logo on the front cover. Inside was the orientation paperwork for a Disneyland employee who was hired for the foods and restaurant department. Some wonderful information. Part of my job is to perform safety training during new employee orientation and reading this material was very interesting. The training has not changed much since 1969. My favorite piece is the listing of the various restaurants and type of food they served. My favorite is Club 33 specializing in Epicurian Delights.


Major Pepperidge said...

You found this at a swap meet? Guess maybe I should start going to swap meets again! You never know....

Anonymous said...

Just playing with figures.
If the originals are correct, adjusted for inflation:

Big 10 tickets would be--$36.42

Cast meal tickets would be -- $11.50