Saturday, March 10, 2007

SOP Saturday- Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln

This is the first SOP for Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln. What is interesting to me is the history stated about the Mr. Lincoln figure and the detail about the Lincoln theater. I believe the front cover is a drawing by Sam McKim.


Major Pepperidge said...

This was back when they actually had to worry about maximizing capacity so that people wouldn't have to wait!

Lincoln is great and all, but what about Millard Fillmore?

Adam Hazlett said...

The show designers today ought to go back and read this, to get some sort of understanding as to why
the first version of this show was so well researched, presented with care and loved by all who saw it.
They might actually want to return it to it's original glory. Just because an animatronic can move
275,000 possible combinations of action, doesn't mean they should strive to hit each one. ;)

Anonymous said...

Was this "complete script" from the original World's Fair show? Much of the Disneyland show material is missing -- more narration and quotes from Lincoln, and the "Two Brothers" song.

Matterhorn1959 said...

Anonymous- this is the original Disneyland show. The narration, quotes and the "Two Brothers" song was added in the 1980s to the show.

Amazon Belle said...

Van was a genius to come right out and tell everyone that they will make changes on the basis of working experience. How often do you see that kind of honesty! Keep up the great work PJ!