Thursday, January 19, 2006

Knotts Parking Lot and Trail to Ghost Town 1950s

I don't know why, but usually in every slide group there is a picture of the parking lot to the theme park. Maybe the folks were so happy to finally be at the destination, or they are telling a story with their slides and wanted to show progression, or maybe they just wanted to check the camera and took pictures out in the parking lot. This is one of the better shots I have seen, with the 1950s nuclear family (mom, dad, son and daughter) walking into Knotts Berry Farm via the long trail to Ghost Town. The dad is very cool with his brightly striped shirt and mom in her sleeveless blouse and clam diggers, both wearing Ray Ban sunglasses. Slide is a Kodachrome slide that is undated but from the 1950s.


Chris Merritt said...

Patrick - you're killing me here!!!!

BENBENEK said...

Knotts Berry Farm still retains it's innocent charm, even though now it's basically just a place with scary rollercoaster rides

I walk past it every couple of weeks during my daily walks

Now, where can I find decent photos of the Japanese Deer Park and Alligator Farm which were across the street from Knotts?

thank you

Matterhorn1959 said...

Hey Benbenek- I have no images of the Alligator farm, just some brochures. But I do have some 1970s shots of Japanese Deer park that I will try to dig out and find.