Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Backside of Tomorrowland September 1955

Vintage back stage images of Disneyland are very rare as most people had no access to the back stage areas and also not a lot of people saw a need to take a photo. So, this image showing the backside of Tomorrowland is very unique. I love the cars just parked on the dirt against the yellow plywood wall, the telephone pole in the middle and the unique view of the Rocket to the Moon ride. I believe this slide was taken by an Antique Automotive enthusiast whose car was in a parade at Disneyland, and the blue panel van with the trailer was his tow vehicle used to haul his antique auto. Slide is date marked 9-55 and View of Tomorrowland on the slide.


Dan Goodsell said...

I love how you can see the Space Bar sign - great image

Chris Merritt said...

WOW! What an unusual shot... keep 'em comin!

Anonymous said...

I agree--this is an amazing photo. You just never see this point of view; no one thought to snap the picture. Thanks for this and the others!
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