Friday, October 07, 2016

Souvenir Friday- January 1966 University of Disneyland Employee Newsletter

In 1966,the University of Disneyland published a newsletter with information about the happenings at the park as well as other Disney company news. Note the article on Mineral King.


Anonymous said...

I remember my days there when management would post daily attendance figures. Interesting item regarding Mineral King...for which a permit was never granted and the discussion regarding payroll deductions. Using a CPI calculator, the 1966 SS deduction topped out at slightly over $49K in today's dollars. Now it's around $118K. Tells you that the burden of this tax is greater now than then.

Brad Abbott said...

Thanks for posting this! It provides a precise date for Disney taking over the UPT concession stands, the last holdout of the initial ABC/Disney agreement. I knew it was around this time, but don't think I've ever seen anything definite.