Thursday, January 21, 2016

Monorail and Gayway 21 Seattle World's Fair

Two neat views from the Sawyer's film strip souvenir of the Seattle World's Fair. First up is a view of the Monorail showing the track and a train in the background. I like the double Ferris wheel in the background, there was one of these installed at Pacific Ocean Park.

The second image is an overhead view of Gayway 21, named after the theme of the fair which was billed as the Century 21 Fair. Some nice rides with lots of color and lights. I am sure this area was spectacular at night.

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K. Martinez said...

In the Gayway 21 pic, on the lower right corner of the image is the classic flat ride known as the Meteor by Hubretz Co., same manufacturer of the Round Up and Paratrooper flat rides. I've only seen that ride once in my lifetime and luckily rode it when I saw it.