Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mexican Folk Dance 1969

While looking through a slide grouping I noticed a set of slides. Looking at them, I thought they looked like the Indian Dance circle in Frontierland. However, when I scanned the slides, the pictures are of a Traditional Folk Pole Dance from Mexico. The pattern on the circle surrounding the pole is very reminiscent of the Dance Circle in Disneyland. Since I had already scanned them, I thought I would post them as they are interesting images. The slides are dated 1969 and I believe the stage was in San Diego. Maybe my readers know the location?

First up are two images of the Folk dancers from the stands.

The last two images are of the Pole dancers (not that type of pole dancer!) high up on the pole and the dancers twirling. It would have been cool if this was at Disneyland.


Anonymous said...

These photos are from the "Fiesta 200" in San Diego's Old Town.

Major Pepperidge said...

There were Indian aerialists at the Mexico pavilion at the 1964 World's Fair, I wonder if these are the same performers.

Ken S.: said...
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Ken said...

They also performed at HemisFair '68 in San Antonio. I saw the Los Voladores de Papantla performance during the 200th anniversary celebration in San Diego, but I was only 6 years old and don't remember much of it except just being there during an evening performance. :)