Thursday, December 15, 2011

Views From 1956- Part 21

The photographer's favorite attraction is the Mark Twain. Today I showcase the front of the Mark Twain. I will let the photographs speak for themselves. There are another 5 images to post which show the back side of the Mark Twain to come.


Thufer said...

It was special in 56 and still special today. To see the Mark Twain glide along the river front still evokes a lump in my throat.
That middle picture is a spectacular statement on the part if Walt and the early WED team. Talk about the suspension of disbelief. Ditch the power lines in the distance and make the cloths time period appropriate and , well, there you are.

Major Pepperidge said...

Ha ha, oh well, so much for my guess! I love early pictures like the 2nd one, when Frontierland had that park-like area with the grass right near the water.