Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday Mish Mash of Photographs

For Sunday a nice mish mash of various photographs. The first is of the rarely photographed bench in Fantasyland. I love the colors of the bench (and that the bench was unoccupied at the time.)

The second shows the cactii (is that the right plural?) forest in Nature's Wonderland.

The final image is a dusk time image of the Teacups from the Skyway. There is something very melancholy about the image, the fun of the ride but the end of the day and the fact everyone will be leaving soon.


Major Pepperidge said...

Neat stuff, that teacups picture is so abstract looking, it took me a second to recognize it!

Anonymous said...

What an interesting batch of photographs. Love the bench. I know what you mean about the teacups. It’s that late in the day feeling. Funny how a fairly simple machine (really just some rotating disks) can bring people such happiness. 53 years later people still enjoy riding it. Sometimes just a good low-tech idea is all you need.