Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Disneyland Friday September 26, 1958

A small grouping of early Polaroid photographs taken on September 26, 1958. What is interesting about the photos is the off season maintenance and construction. First image is a view of Tomorrowland with the Rocket in the background. Unfortunately the photo is a little faded on the right hand side where the great directional sign is shown. And a little warning to those who are stroller challenged, there are two strollers in the picture.

The next image shows some work being done to the castle. This could be the addition of some gilt work to the top spires and towers, or an addition of tiles. The scaffolding adds an interesting texture to the castle.

The final shot shows the construction wall around the Viewliner as it was being removed. This is the Tomorrowland station for the attraction. I have included a close up of the Viewliner sign which I don't think I have ever seen before. Below the sign it appears there was a whole story about the train of tomorrow.


Major Pepperidge said...

I know it's not possible, but I sure wish I could read the sign *under* the Viewliner sign! I wonder what it says?

Those funky tomorrowland light fixtures always make me think of olives on a skewer.

Daveland said...

Excellent shots, Patrick! I am coping with the stroller - thanks for the warning.

Katella Gate said...

Interesting. I always thought of Rolly Crump's "Tower of the Four Winds" as a stand-alone effort, but after I had access pictures of the early Disneyland (thanks to this blog and those like it) I came to realize there are a number of examples in that style of marquee... The tower over the Skyway in Tomorrowland being one, and now, the entrance pavilion for Viewliner.

Thanks again for the education.