Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sea World 1973

This post is for the Sea World fans. A great theme park located on Mission Bay in San Diego. The park is famous for Shamu, but my fondest memories are of this show in the sea stadium. I loved the South Seas theme, the Volcano and the Pirates.

The park had amazing expansively landscaped and well manicured lawns. Also there were always lots of flamingos at the front entrance.

Being a theme park there were costumed mascots. I forget the name of the Walrus but the costume is very cute. The nose is amazing and I like the touch that he is dressed in an Admiral's uniform.

The holy grail of images for Sea World is the Hawaiian Punch Village. This was Sea World's Tahitian Terrace with great tikis and Hawaiian decor along with good food and non-alcoholic fruit drinks. I believe most of the poles and the shields were purchased from Oceanic Arts.

Of course all of this is gone now and the park has lost its theming and many of the animal shows. This post is dedicated to Chris who is a major Sea World fan.


Unknown said...

That Walrus is actually an Elephant Seal.

Katella Gate said...

Raspberry and butterscotch plaid pants? -Check

Overstuffed burgundy featherdown jacket? -Check

Yep, it's 1973

Major Pepperidge said...

Nice, I love all the Oceanic-themed stuff around Hawaiian Punch Village!

Katella Gate said...

Speaking of raspberry and butterscotch clothing, if you're gonna eat at the Hawaiian Punch Village, I think it's cute to color-coordinate with the food.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos...!! Seaworld is a beautiful place too.

Anonymous said...

The elephant seal was Barney Google, named after an old time comic strip character with a big nose. The costumed version was inspired by Sea World's real live elephant seal, Barney Google, who appeared at the close of the Seal and Penguin shows. He would do a couple of simple tricks, like blow his nose on a hankie, then wave good-bye as the audience filed out.

Anonymous said...

Can you find the Hidden Mickey in these pictures?