Sunday, November 12, 2006

Yellow Monorail Speeding Over the Submarine Lagoon

I enjoyed showing a weeks worth of Disneyland Band images, that I have decided to focus on the Monorail this week. The first shot is an image of the Yellow Monorail speeding over the Submarine Voyage. I like the sensation of speed with the blurriness to the Monorail. The Imagineers, especially Bob Gurr and John Hench, were some of the most creative designers around the and the streamlined Monorail is one of their best designs.


Anonymous said...

Cool, I love that Monorail! In fact I still love seeing it zoom overhead, and hearing its booming air horn (wonder why they didn't use something more futuristic for the horn, an electronically produced sound of some kind).

I'm looking forward to the upcoming week's images!

DisneyDutchman said...

Love that yellow Monorail!! Thanks for another beautiful pic!!DD

DC88SPACELINER75 said...

There's something about the Yellow Mark II Monorail that has always been appealling to me.....I also have this default attraction to the Mark III "Avacado-matalic" Green monorail--I use to think that thing was so ugly!--I guess I felt sorry for it-LOL it was always left off of guidebooks etc........also miss those Mark III's Bucket seats--man those Mark III's were real "Muscle-Monorails"
like the cars of the day.

ozplasmic said...

Great shots!