Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Lots of Monorail Track 1960s

Although not showing the Monorail itself this image is interesting and nice as it shows the winding track throughout Tomorrowland that the Monorail would travel. The way the track wraps over and under itself, over the Submarine Voyage and boats and around the Matterhorn made the ride much more interesting than just a single track in a loop. The image also shows the engineering of the single concrete beamway. This was so impressive that engineers have designated the Monorail as a historic landmark.


Anonymous said...

Nice shot, and a very unusual angle. The combination of the Monorail's complicated layout, intertwined with the Peoplemover - - really makes a busy and intersting scene!

Disneyland Hippo said...

Hey Patrick do a week of the Peoplemover I like the peoplemover Love mom see you soon