Thursday, November 09, 2006

Disneyland Band in Frontierland October 1959

Photos of the band off of Main Street are pretty tough to find. It seems the band spent a lot of time marching up and down Main Street. But every once in a while they would make a detour and march through another land. This time it is Frontierland. The image shows a nice view of the Disneyland Band patch and the drum head. And in the background is Casa De Fritos along with a group who seem to be totally blase about the band marching through and playing music. They must not have been music lovers.


sroden said...

this is a great shot - you get more of a feel of them walking around making music in other places. i remember as a kid those moments where you would hear the music from a distance and then turn a corner and whoa....dixieland brass in your face!

DisneyDutchman said...

Love the band pics!! Playing in front of Casa de Fritos how cool is that! Thanks for keeping up with the Jumbo size-we would loose the Casa in a smaller pic. DD

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite of the bunch so far, not only is the band great, but the stuff in the background is especially nice. Do you think that they were on their way to the Mark Twain?