Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mark Twain at Dock Early In the Morning

An early morning, and very early Disneyland picture of the Mark Twain arriving from the cruise on the Rivers of America. Can you imagine that the only fence between the River and guests is the samll gardening fence? This scene has changed dramatically with the addition of New Orleans Square and the change with the brick walkway and the brick levee work. This shot does show how rustic Frontierland used to be.

Over Thanksgiving I spent a couple of days at Disneyland and was amazed at how crowded it becomes, as well as being shocked at the parking price-$11 to park at Disneyland. It is amazing that even without the 50th events, it still pulls in a crowd.


sroden said...

yeah i remember going as a kid early in the morning and the place would be pretty empty. i remember many moments of no lines, and actually being in certain spaces alone, a total impossibility now. but then again i remember when the freeways here were like that too :-) nice photo!

Anonymous said...

I love photos like this...when the Rivers of America and Frontierland felt a little less like a theme park (with cement everywhere). In fact, it really does a pretty amazing job (in photos, anyway) or looking like a real river.

Hannibal8 said...

I agree wih the Major... a little more dirt and a little less concrete would be nice. The only two places I can think of that are left are Tom Sawyers Island and the Thunder Ranch. There's just something peaceful about some dirt under your feet. By the way, you are a brave soul to go to Disneyland during a holiday. If you were there are night, the Christmas lights were worth it.

Miehana said...

Golly, this is one of the loveliest images of the Mark Twain I think I've ever seen. Reflected in the water, and without any modern intrusions, it's like a vision straight out of America's past. This jpeg just might need to go onto my desktop for awhile. Thanks for posting it!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be late to the party...about 3 years late.

I hope the blog system gives you some kind of warning when new comments are posted, otherwise I'm just speaking into the void.

Here's my two cents anyway...

Dirt paths vs. concrete.

I agree, the old dirt paths were much more rustic and in keeping with the style of these areas.

There may be other reasons why the dirt has been paved over, I can think of several facility management issues, but one legal change since then is enough to cause it to happen.

the Americans With Disabilities Act has mandated very strict standards for pedestrian paving surfaces, this, along with, or because of, the prevailing slip&trip lawsuit environment virtually rules out bare earth pedestrian routes in public facilities.

We will have to enjoy our memories of Disneyland as it was, since it will never go back due to these laws.