Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Walt Disney World Fantasyland

On a quick look, both of these slides look like Fantasyland in Disneyland. However, upon closer examination they are slides of Walt Disney World's Fantasyland. Looking at the slides it is amazing the imagineers did not do something different and try at the time to make Fantasyland in Florida more of the medieval town setting seen at Disneyland with the 1983 reconstruction. Still I guess the flat shields and blocky buildings worked in Disneyland and money was still tight for the construction of Walt Disney World. I know they have made some changes especially with It's A Small World in Florida, but they could do more and make some more changes to make Fantasyland a little bit more magical. The slides are from 1980.


DC88SPACELINER75 said...

Actually WDW Imagineers DID give the 1971 Fantasyland a medeval look--between the elaborate European facades were the "pagentry" tents for the attraction entrys--but the rest of the land has very elaborate "themed" sections of the WDW Fantastland--French, Bavarian, German, Italian--all slighty blended-but more realistic looking
then the highy -small scale village that Disneyland got in 1983-So WDW's was a cross between Disneyland's old Fantasyland and WorldShowcase at EPCOT. On a side note: for whatever reason--most printed material from WDW rarely shows these building fronts, but tend to use the colorful pagentry tents instead.

Major Pepperidge said...

It does seem a shame that so many corners were cut at WDW. That's not to say that it isn't wonderful, but the opportunity to start anew was sometimes wasted due to budget. As you pointed out!