Sunday, October 08, 2006

Cinderella's Dream Castle Storybook Land

One of the best shots I have seen of this landmark in Storybook Land. Cinderella's Dream Castle is towards the back of the ride and rises majestically. In the shadow is the Tremains castle with its one lonely tower where Cinderella is kept. Rising up to the castle is a road filled with houses and sitting on the road is the pumpkin coach. I have always liked the castle and the pumppkin coach. This appears to be taken from one of the Storybook Canal boats. Casey Junior goes through the tunnel as one of the last elements of the ride before the end and the sudden circus stop.


Major Pepperidge said...

Storybook Land is one of the most charming attractions in the park....I especially love taking a trip through it at night, when it's cool and quiet and uncrowded.

sroden said...

that photo is great. i always felt this ride was underrated. the little buildings are incredible.