Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Connie Swanson the Second Disneyland Ambassador

Here is the second Disneyland Ambassador Connie Swanson. She is standing in front of the construction of It's A Small World holding a record album. It must have been tough being the second Ambassador, no cool TV show with Walt, no cutting of the Tencenniel Cake with Walt or just the knowledge you are the first. Rather she was flown around the world to spread the happiness of Disneyland. And then was asked to sign this photograph for a security guard. Still being an ambassador is quite an honor and she looks rather giddy in this photo.

Of course she is following the SOP for Tour Guides "it's been my pleasure."

Use your eyes to keep constant contact. Have fun...and show it. Know your facts and share them. Vary your routine...constantly work to improve.

Never...never...ridicule a guest or make fun of any question. Also, in the never-never world of a tour guide...don't giggle...make up answers to questions...wear sun glasses...or stand in the shade while your group perspires in the sun.


Tangaroa said...

I wish they would have pulled back to show more of that Small World construction!

Major Pepperidge said...

What fun is it being a tour guide if you can't ridicule your tourists??

DC88SPACELINER75 said...

......looks like Connie's 'bullet-bra" uses as much fiberglass as the Small World facade! I met Connie sveral times, and she's really sweet --looks almost the same (hair is a little shorter however)

Anonymous said...

Connie was kind to everyone. Walt liked her, what else can be said.

Anonymous said...

I know Connie well, in fact I'm having dinner at her house this weekend. She's amazingly sweet, you feel like you've been sprinkled with pixie dust just being around her; she's a true princess in every fashion. She lives the spirit of Disney to this day, I know Walt is proud.