Monday, October 16, 2006

The Three Old Mills in Storybook Canal Boats

Very nice early morning shot of the Three Old Mills from Storybook Canal Boats. Based upon the 1937 Silly Symphony animated short The Old Mill, where a terrific storm comes up and all the animals take refuge in the mills from the storm. One of the best animated scenes is where one of the mills actually starts to work and there is a birds nest in the gears. The gears start moving and the nest appears it is going to be crushed, but the opposing gear is missing the cog where the birds nest is at and the nest is saved.

One of my favorite memories was a time at the park right at closing in the summer. We were the last boat and the sound effects were all turned off. As soon as the sound effects were off, the girl giving her spiel totally lost it, forgot her lines and went from being the breathless sort of voice you hear to her normal voice. My brother and I had to help her finish the spiel. (Yeah, I know I am a geek and knew most of the lines! And we both laughed so hard as the girl would have been a success as a phone sex line operator.)

By the way, there is a new blog out focusing on the Tomorrowland part of theme parks. It is Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow. Check it out as there is a nice piece on the 1933 Chicago Worlds Fair and also slides of the 1964 New York Worlds Fair.

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Major Pepperidge said...

It's funny that your Storybook Land hostess got so flustered...hopefully she could laugh about it later. Did she just sit and listen to the narration provided by you guys? I love riding this attraction at night. Hopefully they don't change this to another pirate-themed boat ride!