Friday, October 27, 2006

Souvenir Friday- A Mixed Bag

Taking a concept from Daveland Blog , today I am posting a mixed bag of souvenirs. The first is a candy dish featuring the Global Van Lines Truck. This one is a lot smaller than the large ashtray that usually features a local Global Van Lines company logo. I like the graphic of the truck with all the Disneyland information on the side. The next piece is a first flight cover for Japan Airlines with a postmark of 1959. The simple graphics of Dumbo, Sleeping Beauty Castle, Skyway and happy guest just really speak to me of great 1950s design.

The final piece is an artist rendering by Bruce Bushman of a theme park that once was planned for Los Angeles, Bible Land. I first heard about this years ago when I attended a talk given by Ward Kimball at the San Diego Comic Convention and he described this park and showed this image. Years later there was a show at a small gallery in Los Angeles that was actually the front of a paint your own ceramic shop where many of the concept pieces for the park were being shown. It appears that a person stumbled across the drawings as part of the architecture office and framed them and put them up for sale. Unfortunately, the prices they were asking were rather steep, more along the lines of cost for Disneyland concept pieces.


sroden said...

the graphics on that envelope are beeeeee-utiful!

Hannibal8 said...

Boy it sure is easy to see where he got his design ideas from. The town square, main st,. and hub jump right out at you. The park shaped like a heart instead of the classic Disneyland shape is an interesting twist. I didn't notice a date... do you know when this drawing was made?
PS. A couple of years back I bought two old Disneylnad maps and photoshoped out the creases, rips, and other anomolies. It took about 10-12 hours to do each one, but they cleaned up great. Let me know if you like me to send you a cd with the "digitally re-mastered" maps.

tikiranch said...

I like the ride name at the bottom left "Dante's Inferno". Great concept art Patrick.

Major Pepperidge said...

Bible Land, who woulda thunk it! Where would the favorite make-out places be? Would this park have "wienies"?! Where would the goths eventually want to hang out? I think we all remember the biblical passage in which the apostles played baseball.

This is really fascinating, I would want to check this park out if it had been built, even though I would burst into flames after entering the gates (which must be pearly).

Thanks for the Goliath-sized scan!

DC88SPACELINER75 said...

Ironicaly ALL the BIBLE LAND attractions ended by sending it's guests to Hell!

Tangaroa said...

Brushman did many projects like this - along with Dave Constable of Pacific Ocean Park... Some weird stuff!

olddisneylandfan said...

Hi folks,

I grew up in LA and never heard of Bible Storyland before--so I googled a bit.

It turns out that
concept artwork was on display at LA's University of Judaism this summer.

You can purchase some prints by Bushman here.

Other links provide more details.

DC88SPACELINER75 said...

wow! many of the Bible Land art concepts are very Disney-Arabian Goldcoast-ESQUE!!

The Sombrero Ride concept could very much have been a religious experience!!

steeler-man said...

I have 30 different Disneyland Concept Drawings by Marvin Davis. How much are they worth?