Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tour Guide Julie Reihm and Mickey Mouse

Another shot of Tour Guide Julie, this team leading Mickey Mouse on the start of his guided tour. From the look of the costume for Mickey, I would say this is mid-1960s when the costumers developed a look that was closer to the true animation and not quite like a big head. Julie does seem to be most represented amongst Tour Guides in images.

Here is another quote from the Tour Guide guide "it's been my pleasure.":

One of your important assignments may be at the Main Gate...which is really the outer lobby for our Disneyland show. As is the case in your other duties, here you must be a counselor, psychologist, information expert...and mind reader.

Even though things are slow, you should not chat with other tour guides, hosts, or hostesses. Guests with a question might be hesitant in asking two people who are talking together. As a Main Gate walking information booth, all thoughts must be for the guest.


Disneyland Hippo said...

Where is yor post today Oct.6 Love mom

Anonymous said...

Julie almost killed the Ambassador program. Arguing with Walt, dishing the wardrobe from Pendleton, to tired to make appearances, and putting cast members down. She doesn't come back unless someone pays for her company.