Monday, May 07, 2012

Two Tree Houses

Disneyland has two tree houses. One is a bit more simple and has been enjoyed by guests since 1956. This tree house is of course Tom's Tree House on Tom Sawyer's Island.

The other tree house at Disneyland was the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House. Now that attraction has been updated to Tarzan, but I would guess that the majority of my readers miss the Swiss Tree House and can still hear the Swisskapolka song.


Major Pepperidge said...

What kid didn't wish he/she had a treehouse like the one the Swiss Family lived in! Complete with working waterwheels, and hopefully a working TV to watch Saturday morning cartoons.

K. Martinez said...

Yes, I miss the Swiss Tree House. Since they were set on changing it, I think I would've rather seen George of the Jungle move in than Tarzan. At least it was live-action.