Saturday, May 12, 2012

Snapshots from New York World's Fair 1964

A group of 4 interesting snapshots from the World's Fair in 1964 at New York. First up is a shot of the Unisphere through the Court of Nations.

Next up is a shot taken from the roof of the Kodak Pavilion with the Brass Rail on the left and the Pepsi Cola it's a small world attraction on the right.

Next up is a shot of the Fair from the train station.

Final image is the Unisphere off in the distance. One thing that surprises me about this fair is the amount of plants and greenery seen in the photographs.


K. Martinez said...

I love the shot of the Unisphere through the Court of Nations. Beautiful!

Bill Cotter said...

Fun shots! The "train station" one is actually catching a view of the Log Flume Ride in the Lake Amusement Area.

One of the reasons the Fair was so green was they left a lot of the trees in place that had been planted for the 1939-40 Fair. As part of a cost savings measure they had used the first fair's footprint, so the streets, trees, etc. were already there ready for re-use.