Friday, May 11, 2012

Souvenir Friday- Creating a Fairyland by Randal J. Metz and Tony Jonick

Today's Souvenir Friday is a little different. This is a modern book on the history of one of the classic theme parks with the theme of Fairy Tales. Published by Running Rabbit press and sponsored by the Lake Merritt Breakfast Club. The history is very thorough and well illustrated. If you are a fan of this style of park, this is a history to own with behind the scenes and construction images.

I could not find the book online and I believe it is only available from Children's Fairyland in Oakland. (I received my copy for the use of one of my images in the book.) It is a book worth searching for to read the history. Here are some images from Fairyland that I posted back in 2009.


K. Martinez said...

Growing up in the East Bay, Children's Fairyland was my childhood park. Lots of good memories and a few birthdays there.

I remember getting one of those keys that would turn on the audio stories in each area.

It was said that Walt visited here several times while planning Disneyland.

jedblau said...

That place looks REALLY cool.

Katella Gate said...

This is *definitely* a first class park for its kind. A lot of great stuff here.

Tony Jonick said...

Thanks for letting us use the picture of the mural! Randal & I combed our photo collections, and could only fin copies where the wall was faded. Fairyland is an amazing and magical place, and many of the older sets have been lovingly recreated to keep the feel from the 50s. If you have kids with you, come and visit!

BTW, it is RappidRabbit Publishing, and it is available at Fairyland. Thank you again!
Tony Jonick, co-author