Thursday, June 14, 2012

More Santa's Village

More images from a Santa's Village trip. To answer a question, the Lake Arrowhead and Scott's Valley (Santa Cruz) look very similar. The Lake Arrowhead (Sky Forest) location was larger and had some more rides. Also, the Sky Forest location lasted longer. Now to the pictures which are from the Sky Forest location. First up is a nice shot of a deer in the petting zoo. This is a great picture of a cute deer.

Next up an interesting image showing a peacock standing on a fence. I like that each end of the tree branch is colored.

A great image of the Toy Shop with a large wooden soldier standing guard. The sign reads like a game of scavenger hunt.

Last image for today is of the oversize jack in the box. I do miss this park and all the other Santa's Village and other Christmas themed park. I am glad that within driving distance is the North Pole park in Colorado.


Major Pepperidge said...

Nice pictures; I would definitely visit Colorado's "The North Pole" if I could. It's amazing that it has managed to survive when so many similar parks have closed.

K. Martinez said...

I know the Arrowhead location had the Beeline Monorail and Scotts Valley had Frosty's Snowball Ride (teacup style ride). Wish I rode the Beeline Monorail.

These are beautiful images of a bygone era! Thanks for posting these and answering my question.

Anonymous said...

@K Martinez. I was fortunate to visit this location in 1965 and ride that monorail. Major P posted my pics on his blog.

Tokyo Magic has a great series including maps on his blog "Meet the World".

This was a cute little park and greatly missed.


Anonymous said...

For a similar experience, check out Santa's Village in Jefferson, NH. We have made it an annual part of our family holiday experience for years. The park is extremely well done and very much a step back in time. Although I believe it was recently sold by the founding family, it does not appear to have changed. Hopefully, the new owners will keep its traditional, family-oriented appeal.