Monday, June 11, 2012

Knott's Berry Farm in Black and White

Four nice black and white snapshots from Knott's Berry Farm in the late 1950s. First up are the two kids posing on the rock work which I believe was opposite the pan for gold attraction.

Next up is a shot of Mom in front of the Medicine Show stage.

Third image is from the Indian Village once located at the lagoon. The trees are very nice in this image.

Final image is my favorite, the real volcano moved in one piece from the Mojave Desert. Too bad there is no image of the devil who worked the volcano.


K. Martinez said...

On my first vist to Knott's in 1963 all I remembered was this volcano and the devil who worked it. It left such an impression on me.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the devil in the volcano left a mark on me too.

I had forgotten him for years, but these and other photos, sparked that memory back again.

Thanks so much


Major Pepperidge said...

I didn't remember that there was a brick wall around the volcano...