Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Double the Fun Amusement Park Photographs

An interesting set of photographs that are double images. The amusement park appears to be Coney Island in Ohio which closed in 1971 due to flooding issues. The first two images show the large wooden coaster named the Wild Cat and also a water plunge ride.

Next up is a closer view of the water plunge ride with nice Art Deco style architecture and what appears to be a picnic area.

Another image of the picnic area and a fun sign for an attraction Land Of Oz. I wish the photographer had taken some images of the Land of Oz.

Final image for today is the signage for the Shooting Star roller coaster. Too bad there is not more of the roller coaster seen in the two images.


Major Pepperidge said...

Neat pics of Coney Island Ohio. Maybe it's the sepia tone photos or the way the women dress, but these look really old. How long ago did the "Land of Oz" open?

Matterhorn1959 said...

I could not find a reference to Land Of Oz, but I would think it was something done around 1939 or so.

K. Martinez said...

The water plunge ride was known as "Lost River".

The Land of Oz opened in 1934 and was a makeover of the old Kiddieland.

Coney Island would close in 1971 as you said and later morph into the theme park Kings Island a year later. Many of the old rides at Coney Island would be utilized at the then new theme park. Anyone remember the Brady Bunch episode "Cincinnati Kid"?

K. Martinez said...

Just to clarify, Kings Island opened on a different site than Coney Island.

justjeepin said...

Coney Island reopened a few years later (1976) and remains open (although they still flood occasionally).

They have Sunlite Pool which is the largest flat-surface pool in North America.

I think the 'picnic area' is what is currently 'Moonlight Gardens' (a dance area where many proms and homecomings were held).

K. Martinez said...

I knew it reopened, but didn't realise it was that soon after. Is it more of a recreational place now or a full fledged amusement park?

justjeepin said...

It's pretty much a full-fledged amusement park, although pretty small.