Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Views From the Seattle World's Fair

These images are from another Sawyer film strip souvenir sold at the 1962 Seattle World's Fair. The first image features two icons of Futurism, the Monorail with the Space Needle in the background. The caption is enjoyable mentioning the speed of travel for the Monorail.

The second image features a soaring A Frame structure. The A Frame style of building was revived in the mid-Century modern time period, with many commercial buildings featuring the soaring roof line. Several theme parks used this style of building for entrance buildings, notably the entrance to Sea World.


K. Martinez said...

The second image definitely reminds me of Sea World architecture from the 1960's.

Nanook said...

And I believe all the buildings in the image are still standing in essentially all their 1962 loveliness. The multi-story building on the right (18 stories, to be exact) is the Skye at Belltown Apartments - originally the Grosvenor House, at the time of the World's Fair. And peaking into the left side of the image is the Devonshire Apartments, built in 1925, and very much still standing.