Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Adventureland Snapshots 1964

Two more snapshots from 1964. First up is a nice image of the Enchanted Tiki Room sign at the entrance to Adventureland. I like the tiki face at the bottom of the sign.

The second image at first glance was just ho-hum...I liked the fence in the background and that was about it. I scanned the image and lo and behold there is the Eli Hedley tiki in the background. It appears the tiki was moved from the front part of Adventureland near the entrance to a location near Swiss Family Treehouse. I believe this location is where Indiana Jones is now located.


Chuck said...

Several days late, but congratulations on the birth of your son! We love your blog, but we also understand there are other priorities in your life. If you miss a day here and there (or forever), we'll be all right - focus on what's really important. Trust me from experience - you won't regret it.

All the best!

Tom said...

Congratulations, new dad! Prepare yourself for the greatest adventure ever.

Matthew said...

Hello PJ. Yes, I saw that too. Congratulations on the birth of your new baby boy! How cool is that???!!!! You're a dad and therefore have all the rights and privileges of being a D.A.D. YEY! Congratulations to your wife too.

Now about the location of this Tiki Idol, It still kinda looks/feels like the entrance to Adventureland to me. I cannot point to another photo, but it looks like there is a sign above them that says "Cantina." Was that Cantina sign ever over where Indiana Jones is today? I really don't know... but I figure you would. I "feel" like (and again that is NO evidence) one would walk around the corner to the right and enter Frontierland from the side and that the folks behind are standing in front of the Woman's Room. Just a feeling.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle