Monday, January 25, 2016

Various Views of Seattle World's Fair 1962

More scans from the souvenir film strip of the 1962 Seattle World's Fair. The fair focused on science and technology, one of the major buildings was the United States Science Pavilion. The large arches add a modern airy look to the structure and may have been the influence for Rolly Crump's Tower of Four Winds.

A World's Fair must include international exhibits and in Seattle several small countries who could not afford to build a stand alone structure were put into an international mall. This concept sounds fun as a visitor would be able to visit many varied exhibits in a short time. I assume the skyway was a Von Roll design.


K. Martinez said...

Last time I was there the Science pavilion arches were still there.

Nanook said...

The sky ride is indeed a Von Roll. In 1980, it was re-located to the Washington State Fair Grounds, in Puyallup.

Nanook said...

And, oh yeah - the arches, the fountains, and the walkways are all still there, pretty-much as it was in 1962.