Monday, January 18, 2016

Jungle River Cruise Dock and Unknown Location

Both of these snapshots are from the same group. The snapshots are dated 1964. The first image is a great and crowded image of the Jungle River Cruise dock. The front jungle launch is full of guests and the Congo Queen is ready for the next load of guests.

When I first saw the second image, I thought it may be of the Tahitian Terrace, but looking at the image, I do not think so. The restaurant is on stilts over water where the Tahitian Terrace is a solid wall. The fence the lady is standing next does not look like Disneyland as well. It may have been a restaurant at Marineland or even Sea World being over the water. Any guesses out there for location?


K. Martinez said...

Nice angle shot of the Jungle Cruise dock. I sure miss those seat cushions.

Major Pepperidge said...

I thought maybe the second photo could be from Sea World, which opened in 1964. Hard to say, though.

Matthew said...

@K. Martinez please don't get me started about the days of paying less money to see Disneyland yet having soft cushions to sit on at the Jungle Cruise and Storybook Land Canal Boats. Good to know the increase in gate admissions does not include an increase in comfort. ;-)

I sure miss the rudders on the boats. Those rudders helped to create a sense of realism. I can recall the long wood handles that came off the rudders; however, in my day (1986 – 1994) the rudders were entirely made out of rubber to avoid damaging them when the boats would accidently bump between Load and Unload. The rubber was, in my opinion, a good substitute (vs removing them entirely). From this angle we can see the “Leads Desk” to the far right. Plenty a cold night under that grass thatched roof. You can also see a storage locker in the foreground, which was moved to rear load by the time I started working there.

Regarding the last photo… I would have to agree it is not Disneyland and those guesses are as good as any.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle