Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Seattle World's Fair at Night

Two more views from the Seattle World's Fair film strips. The images feature the fair at night. First up is a view of the United States Science Pavilion with the great arches. Do they still light the arches at night like this?

The second image is of the wonderful International Fountain at night. Since the earliest World's Fairs there have been wonderful fountains. This kind of reminds me of the dancing waters from the Disneyland Hotel.


K. Martinez said...

I hung around the International Fountain area and it was a lot larger than I thought it would be. Unfortunately I didn't stay at the Seattle Center in the evening, so not sure what the lighting is currently like. Nice coverage of the Seattle '62 Fair. Thanks!

Nanook said...

The lighting is similar to the original lighting scheme. There are uplights circling the perimeter of the central dome, and downlights within the dome. But nothing as colorful as photos of the fountain would make it appear during the original design of the fountain. The fountain was replaced and expanded in 1995 (by WET Design).