Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Random Found Images

So over the New Year's, I worked a little on my basement where most of my collection is stored. These 3 slides were found randomly in a box. The slides are not related and I assume I have more slides that match these someplace. First up is a dark, dark night shot on Main Street with the Main Street Railroad Station lit in lights in the background. I believe the guest is enjoying a frozen banana.

The second image is of Knott's Berry Farm Gold Panning area. Now a lost part of the park, this was a must see and do for many families including mine when we visited Knott's. This is a great view of the attraction. I hope the two boys found some gold while panning.

The last image is of a shopping extravaganza at Indian Village in Disneyland. The aunt looks like they recently purchased a Mexican tooled leather purse from El Zocala, the boy in the stroller has a Keppy Kap (and look at the graphic on the side of the stroller with Tinkerbell and Disneyland) and the girl is holding a large ticket book. For sale are feather bonnets, belts, teepees, drums and other lovely souvenirs.


MRaymond said...

I was going through a box in my dads garage and found two of the little glass vials with gold flakes in them. One of them had a label for Knott's. My dad took them from me and put them on a shelf full of curios in the house.

Anonymous said...

I found my vial just a couple days ago when looking through a box of mementos I just received from may parents who are moving from their SoCal home of 53 years. And yes, it has gold flakes in it. Wow the memories of long ago. KS