Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Views of Marineland 1963

Marineland was one of the first seaquarium attractions in the Los Angeles. Always a small park with the main draw being Bubbles the whale. Many tourists did make their way out to the Palos Verde location since it was located fairly close to Hollywood. First image is of one of the shows in the Stadium with a great animal actor front and center.

Next up is one of my favorite type of shots, people having lunch at a theme park. The striped umbrellas are a requirement for eating locations at any amusement park. I am not sure what the outfits are that the girls are wearing.

Final image may not be Marineland, as it may be the Los Angeles Zoo. I do like the interior of this greenhouse with the vertical lines of the frame and glass.


Bunthorne said...

That final picture sure looks like the aviary at the San Diego zoo.

Anonymous said...

Fun stuff, thank you for posting these photos. I wonder if that last shot wasn't perhaps taken at the Los Angeles County Arboretum as many new greenhouses were opened there in the '60s.


I think the second shot is the San Diego Zoo. And that isn't glass but a open wire mesh screen. I believe bird flew free amongst the plants. This was a hillside exhibit and the last section outside of the aviary was a speed ramp to the lower level of the zoo.